the happyhalloween community - a bunch of pyromaniacs and die-hards ...

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initiator of all this
former functions: senior CEO of pumpkin carving, camera, senior cultural advisor, massive homepage input

born: in the USA!!
education: M.I.A.
star sign: widder
profession: V.I.P.
music: US charts (what else?)
still maintains this website
former funtions:
co-CEO, a bit of DJing

born: on the last day of the year
education: yes
star sign: capricorn
profession: consigliere
preferred music: progressive, electronica and d&b, some jazzy tunes
DJ estefan
DJ doubleH
function: co-CEO, DJ-ING (great electronic muzzik for the masses)

born: probably yes!
education: european
star sign: lobster
profession: punker
preferred music: house, brit pop, alternative, rock (everything that´s recommended by FM4)
pedro aka mr. white
function: co-CEO, organizing, DJ-ING (dark classics), visuals (photos), scenery

born: under mysterious circumstances
well ... it should be so
star sign: economies of scale
profession: money talks
music: very nice taste (hail to depeche mode!)
ms. white
function: organizing, visuals (photos, style, animation, mask), groupie, scenery, cashier

born: on route 66
education: learning by flying

star sign: balanced
profession: credit shark
music: according to route
big b
function: big organizer, blowing balloons, security, scenery, cashier

born: 69 (!)
education: bi-ological

star sign: d´ya know the most famous hard rock band of germany?
profession: very professional
music: bush - swallow
function: visuals (photos and style), scenery, cultural advisor, CEO security (mysterious bouncer)

born: swiss, but raised in the US
education: like a miami beach boy

star sign: in the year of the dragon
profession: computers, computers,...
music: the alternative and independent industrial of the 80ies
special K
function: official Happyhalloween Secretariat, organizing, scenery, photos, groupie

born: when Black Sabbath had their first No.1. hit
education: 4-star (hotel)
star sign: hakuna matata
profession: raise son and aerobic-instructor
music: everything without loud guitars - currently Ö3-fan with tendency to Radio Arabella and/or Musikantenstadl
marquise O
function: organizing, scenery, visuals, photos, groupie

born: beer empire munich
education: bavarian, but because of marriage celtic
star sign: augustiner
profession: healthcare woman
music: gloria gaynor
Oh Many Man
function: cultural advisor, organizing, scenery, photos & filming

born: in the home of halloween!!!!
education: celtic
star sign: guiness
profession: rich man
music: sounds from the british isles and enrique iglesias
alex ash
function: carving hostess, organizing, scenery, photos, groupie

born: 1976
education: first bank and ecetera
star sign: widder & immer wieder
profession: home alone with daughter, because of absent husband (who´s usually on a leasure or unnecessary business trip)
music: zillertaler lederhosenjäger
meikl ash
function: carving host, organizing, scenery, photos, male groupie

born: 1961
education: WU & treasury diplomas
star sign: aquarius, but in reality abeerius
profession: permanently on unnecessary business trips
music: zillertaler schürzenjäger
function: CEO all designs, flyers & website, semi-retired from: scenery, groupie, cashier

born: munich, next to the "wiesn"
education: rural
star sign: aquarius
music: gilles peterson worldwide

michael: photographer
crazy helena: DJ-ing
sabine + michael: scenery
doris: carving, scenery
kathi: carving, scenery
manuela: carving, scenery
harald: hardcore programming

thanx to:
... our families for giving us their loving support. without you all this couldn't have become true

... the Irish people for inventing the idea of halloween in the dark middle ages (nice century, indeed)

... the U.S. Americans for transforming the ancient customs into a great party

... mankind for exploring fire ;-)
formerly retired & lifetime honorary members
duke & marion
former funtions: marketing, flyer, organization, scenery, pumpkin supply, pictures
sir han
former funtions: Deputy CEO of pumpkin carving, homepage input (stories), senior security advisor (bouncer & safety issues), pyro & special effects, cashier
former funtions: photos, style, animation, mask, groupie

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