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October, 2016
Happy Halloween again! Yes, we're still undead and watching things from below. Maybe we will be heading for a 25th anniversary :-).

It's nice to see that we have some visitors around. Keeps us motivated to maintain this site in "undead"-mode.

To celebrate our history, here is a direct link into our

10 years parties and pumpkins galore - now on flickr :-).

...as far as
pumpkin carving is concerned, this is AMAZING:

Ray's Pumpkin Carving Tutorial

If you don't succeed - you may still try our pumpkin carving tutorial for beginners :-).

ps: guestbook still doesn't work, sorry for that

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Preface - How It All Began

21 (!!!) years ago a bunch of country girls and country boys started an old Celtic/American culture in Austria. The spark started to ignite at Hallow-brunn/Lower Austria. Hallow-brunn is indeed a dead man´s city, but due to the loveley landscape and the nice surroundings provided by the home of the boy scouts, the Happyhalloween community chose this place to hold the first Halloween party.

In the beginning those weirdoz were viewed as odd looking, but what had started as an intimate party became a real event over the following years.

Dare to check out the developments of the Happyhalloween community and the highlights of our parties on the pages of this website. Enjoy.

the happyhalloween crew