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pumpkin carving

In order to create a haunted house you certainly need the appropriate decoration. All pumpkins you may find on our homepage are hand-carved by ourselves within hours of hard work. Visit our new subpage "How to carve a professional pumpkin" and find out more about this perishable kind of art.

In any way, great artistic skills are required! It takes you about 2 hours to carve an advanced pattern.
We always carve the pumpkins at the very latest possible date before the party, cause carved pumkins tend to rotten very fast. We embed them in a cold store so that they are provided with humidity and don´t dehydrate.

Unfortunately shortly after the party they are about to be disposed, but that goes along with the halloween spirit: life ends at some point!

Anyways, once our halloween party is over, the guest may take the pumkins home with them if wanted (some have little children that want to put them into the window for serveral more days). So therefore every year after the party ends some guests are storming for the nicest ones to snatch.

> pumpkin examples from recent years in our gallery

> carving session invitation 2002 page 1 - page 2

How to carve a professional pumpkin?
Learn step by step how it really works to carve an
advanced pattern -> click and read!

historic carving session in 1999 before Halloween at a top secret place